A Guide to Emergency Contraception and How to Get it

A Guide to Emergency Contraception and How to Get it

08 / Feb

Emergency contraception is used to prevent pregnancy following unprotected sex. It can also be used if your method of contraception fails, such as a condom coming off or breaking during sex. Continue reading to learn ways of getting the morning after pill in Bury, Greater Manchester, and how effective it is.

There are two main types of emergency contraception; they include:

– The emergency contraceptive pill – ellaOne or Levonelle (also known as the “morning-after” pill)
The intrauterine device (IUD or coil)

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How the morning after pill in Bury, Greater Manchester works


Levonelle consists of levonorgestrel, an artificial (synthetic) version of the natural hormone progesterone manufactured by the ovaries.

It works by inhibiting or delaying the ovulation process i.e. releasing an egg. It’s therefore advisable to take this pill 3 days (72 hours) after engaging in unprotected sex to avoid getting pregnant.

It’s worth noting that it doesn’t interrupt your usual method of contraception.


ellaOne comprises ulipristal acetate, an ingredient that stops progesterone from working normally. Similar to Levonelle, ellaOne works by inhibiting or delaying the ovulation process.

You must either take ellaOne within 5 days (120 hours) or immediately after having unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy.

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Who can use the morning after pill in Bury, Greater Manchester?

A huge percentage of women are eligible to use the morning-after pill (emergency contraception). Women who cannot use hormonal contraception like the contraceptive patch and the combined pill are among them. This also includes girls below the age of 16.

Nevertheless, you should avoid taking the emergency contraceptive pill if you have an allergy to any of its ingredients. Consequently, you should also not take it if you take medicines that may interact with it or have severe asthma.

Taking medication that can interact with ellaOne will make it not work effectively. However, you can still use Levonelle but with an increased dose.

Is the morning after pill in Bury, Greater Manchester effective?

Even though the morning after pill is effective, it’s not as reliable as a regularly planned contraception. Hence, it would help if you only used it during emergencies. The ingredients become less effective as time elapses following unprotected sex.

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What happens if you are using regular contraception?

Take the emergency pill if you:

– Forgot to take your regular contraceptive pills for some reason
– Were late having your contraceptive injection or contraceptive implant
– Didn’t use your vaginal ring or contraceptive patch properly

Are men allowed to buy the morning after pill in Bury, Greater Manchester?

No, men cannot buy emergency contraceptive pills. Only women are allowed to purchase them. However, prior to purchasing, you will be required to fill in a questionnaire for suitability purposes. You can collect your emergency contraceptive from our stores in person.

Can the morning after pill protect me from sexually transmitted infections?

No. Emergency contraception can only prevent one from getting pregnant. Therefore, it doesn’t protect you against STIs (sexually transmitted infections or diseases), including HIV, Chlamydia, or genital warts.

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Does an emergency contraception pill have side effects?

Although taking the emergency contraception pill has side effects, they are not serious and don’t last for long. These side effects can include:

– Your next periods may be irregular and more painful than normal and can come earlier or later.
– Tummy pain
– Feeling sick or being unwell – immediately contact your healthcare provider if you feel unwell within 2 hours after taking Levonelle or three hours after taking ellaOne. Consequently, you may need to have an IUD fitted or take another dose.

Where can I get the morning after pill in Bury, Greater Manchester for free?

You can get your morning-after pill for free from the places named below, even if you are under 16. However, not all of them may fit the IUD:

– Most pharmacies such as Pimhole Pharmacy
– Contraception clinics
– Sexual health or GUM (genitourinary medicine) clinics
– Some GP surgeries
– Some young people’s clinics
– Most NHS minor injuries units and walk-in centres
– Some accident and emergency (A&E) departments

If you’re above the age of 16, you can purchase the emergency contraceptive pill from many pharmacies. You can buy it online or in person.

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Can I get the morning after pill in Bury, Greater Manchester in advance?

It’s possible to purchase the emergency contraceptive pill early enough before having unprotected sex if:

– You feel like your contraceptive method may fail
– You’re going on holiday
– It’s not easy for you to access emergency contraception

Get in touch with a pharmacist or GP for more information or advice on acquiring advance emergency contraception. You can also visit us today to get your morning after pill discretely.

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