How to Reap the Benefits from your Local Pharmacy

How to Reap the Benefits from your Local Pharmacy

02 / Sep

We are truly privileged here in the UK to have the NHS to rely on, but we all know how hard it can be to get a timely doctor’s appointment. It’s important to prioritise your health, but it can be hard to seek advice when you need it – fortunately, we have an often under-utilised asset at our disposal: our local pharmacies. Your pharmacy can help you with a much wider range of services than you may think – they do much more than simply provide medications and fulfill prescriptions. So, what can your local pharmacy do to help you?

How Pimhole Pharmacy Can Help Bury

You can order your prescription medication with ease

If you download the Healthera prescriptions app we can help you order your prescriptions and let you know when you can drop by and pick them up. The app is available from us through the link below:

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Once you have the app and link it to us, you can reorder your prescriptions at any time and we’ll let you know when it’s ready for collection. No more traipsing off to the surgery to pick up the prescription, dropping it off to us and then waiting – just a few clicks of a button and your medication will be ready to collect.

how pharmacy can help bury

Alternatively, use our repeat prescriptions collection service

Prefer to stay away from smartphones? Not a problem. Once you set up the repeat prescriptions service with us and your GP, all you have to do is order the meds as normal from your surgery or health centre, phone the local branch of pharmacy to let them know the prescription is available, and we collect it and process it for you. All you have to do is pick it up when it’s ready.

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Access health checks for your peace of mind

We offer a variety of health checks by qualified pharmacists in a private treatment room at our store on Rochdale Road that allow you to monitor your own health.

Our services include:

– Cholesterol testing
– Blood pressure test
– Blood glucose levels
– Weight & BMI

The checks are simple and the pharmacist will talk through your results and advise you of what they mean and, if necessary, how you can improve your lifestyle choices.

Emergency contraceptive pill

Life is not all planned out and mistakes can happen. The possibility of pregnancy after unprotected sex is real and by no means always welcome. That’s where emergency hormonal contraception (EHC), or the morning after pill comes into its own.
After a short questionnaire concerning your health and medical history we can issue you with the EHC and prevent unwanted pregnancy.

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how pharmacy can help bury

We’re here to help

Pimhole Pharmacy is part of the Bury community and an important part of our local healthcare system. We are open late-night seven days a week so that you always have the access you need in what can be very crowded lives. If you aren’t feeling well in the middle of the night or need advice and can’t see a doctor, we’re here to help. Simply pop in and a friendly face will be there to help you 24/7.

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This blog post was written on behalf of Pimhole Pharmacy by Pharmacy Mentor.