Tips on How to Stay Healthy in the New Year

Tips on How to Stay Healthy in the New Year

10 / Jan

Millions of people in the UK make New Year’s resolutions every year, hoping to achieve a healthier life by managing their weight, quitting smoking, getting fit, or practising healthy eating habits and going for health checks. Keep reading to get tips on staying healthy and learn how to quit smoking in Bury, Greater Manchester.

how to quit smoking Bury Greater Manchester

Manage your weight

Everyone has different needs when it comes to calories, depending on their gender, age, weight, height, and level of physical activity.

Eating foods high in added sugars, salt, and solid fats may increase the chances of suffering from certain chronic illnesses. Try replacing sugary drinks with water, and eat fruit as a dessert where you can. Use herbs or spices for food seasoning instead of adding high quantities of salt and compare sodium in foods such as bread, soup and frozen meals. It’s important to treat yourself and enjoy the food you’re eating, whilst maintaining a balance when it comes to foods high in sugar etc.

You can check out our weight management service for more help and support.

Weight Management Service

Keep yourself physically active

Encouraging physical activity is among the key steps towards achieving a healthy body. You can consider walking your kids to the park instead of driving them. You can take your entire family for evening walks after dinner to ensure they all stay active. This will not only keep your family active but also create a strong bond between them. You can get monitoring devices that can help in keeping track of physical activity.

how to quit smoking Bury Greater Manchester

Ensure you have enough rest & sleep

Some people underestimate the value of sleep in overall health. Achieving a good night’s sleep goes a long way in helping the body better metabolise food and keeps us more alert.

Drink a lot of water

The importance of staying hydrated cannot be emphasised enough when it comes to achieving a healthy lifestyle. To ensure you stay hydrated all day long, make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water. Apart from feeling better when hydrated, you’ll also achieve better hair, skin and nails.

Stop smoking – Learn how to quit smoking in Bury, Greater Manchester

It’s no secret that smoking is not good for your health, but exactly how will stopping improve your life? Below are some of the ways your health will improve when you give up on smoking.

You breathe more easily when you quit smoking in Bury

Your lung capacity improves by up to 10% in a short period after you quit smoking, enabling you to breathe more easily.

Stopping smoking gives you more energy

Your blood circulation gets better after you give up smoking. This makes physical activities, such as walking and running, a lot easier.

Learning how to quit smoking in Bury & actually quitting smoking allows you to live longer

About half of all long-term smokers die earlier from smoking-related illnesses, such as lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, and heart diseases.

Stop smoking

The good news is, there is enough support, as well as lots of products meant to help you give up on smoking. At Pimhole Pharmacy, you can access a free NHS-sponsored Smoking Cessation Service where you can get all the support you may require in your endeavour to quit smoking. We also offer weight management and health check solutions to enable you to live a healthier and happier life.

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