Quit Smoking For Good in Four Simple Steps

Quit Smoking For Good in Four Simple Steps

21 / Feb


Quit smoking timeline in Bury, Greater Manchester

Numerous diseases and conditions can be caused or worsened by smoking tobacco and using tobacco products, such as cigars and e-cigarettes. Around 90% of lung cancer deaths and approximately 80% of deaths caused by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can be attributed to tobacco use. Therefore, at Pimhole pharmacy, we are now offering a reliable and effective quit smoking timeline in Bury, Greater Manchester. Continue reading to learn more about this service.

Smoking contains a chemical called nicotine, which is physically addictive. Moreover, many smokers find it difficult to quit since their habit has also become associated with social activities.

A majority of people try to stop smoking more than once before they can quit for good. Using counselling or medications to quit smoking increases the likelihood of success, but combining the two methods is even more effective.

The quit smoking timeline in Bury normally involves four stages, including:

1. Consideration (contemplating stopping but not ready to quit)

In this stage, smokers think about quitting smoking, but they intend to stop soon; probably within six months. Their awareness of the problem has led them to identify obstacles that prevent them from stopping.

2. Preparation (preparing and thinking of a quit smoking timeline in Bury, Greater Manchester)

The decision to stop has been made at this point. Smokers recognise that smoking has negative aspects outweighing any benefits. Consequently, they take steps to help them quit, such as setting up a quit date and smoking fewer cigarettes.

Quit smoking timeline in Bury, Greater Manchester

3. Action (Quit smoking timeline in Bury)

A smoker starts to actively try to quit smoking. They turn to their family, friends, and other people for support, make a commitment to themselves and make serious plans to deal with any pressure that could lead to drawbacks. During this period, which lasts about six months, smokers need the most support and encouragement.

4. Maintenance (staying a non-smoker)

In this stage, smokers who’ve stopped smoking have learned to deal with temptations to smoke. Therefore,  they can cope with boredom, stress, and social pressures without necessarily smoking. It is possible that they slip up and smoke once in a while, but they learn from it to prevent that from happening again.

This offers some sense of control and enables the person to remain smoke-free.

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Quit smoking timeline in Bury, Greater Manchester for an average person

There are a number of factors that determine how long it takes a person to give up smoking. Actual quitting is really as simple as just stopping smoking cigarettes. The hardest part is not starting again.

Each individual’s exact timeline will obviously differ.  However, there is a general outline for the bodily and mental effects of quitting smoking.

Below is a quit smoking timeline in Bury:

– 20 minutes – Heart rate and blood pressure normalise.
– 12 hours – Blood oxygen and carbon monoxide levels normalise.
– 24 hours – Anxiety levels increase to the highest level.
– 48 hours – Sense of taste and smell normalise while nerve endings have regrown.
– 72 hours – High levels of withdrawal symptoms and cravings due to the body not having nicotine. Lungs are normalising and breathing with ease.
– 5-10 days – The length of the cravings reduce from 5 minutes to 3 and the regularity of cravings is lower as well.
– 2-4 weeks – A huge percentage or all withdrawal symptoms have disappeared and the functions of the lung and heart have returned to that of a non-smoker.

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