Stoptober: How to Stop Smoking for Good

Stoptober: How to Stop Smoking for Good

11 / Oct

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We know that smoking is bad for us. The latest figures show that over half a million hospital admissions were caused by smoking, and that nearly 75,000 people died from smoking-related illnesses in 2019 alone. Although the number of smokers is falling, around 14% of adults (that equates to six million individuals) in the UK still smoke. But knowing smoking is unhealthy and quitting are two very different things. Nicotine is addictive and smoking is a habit so giving up is hard. But if you want to stop, October is the month to try. We are here to help you find the motivation to stop smoking in Bury, Greater Manchester.

stop smoking bury greater manchester

What is Stoptober & why should I quit this month?

Stoptober is part of Public Health England’s drive to help everyone say goodbye to tobacco, and every year thousands of people kick the habit with its help.

The reasons for saying no to smoking are many, for example:

– Easier breathing

– Higher energy levels

– A better sex life

– Improved senses of smell and taste

– A longer, healthier life

But what steps can you take if you want to give up smoking for Stoptober, and potentially forever?

How to Stop Smoking in Bury, Greater Manchester

1. Make a plan and set a date

Choose a date, circle it on your calendar and stick to it. Tell all your family and friends what you are going to do, get rid of all tobacco products and anything related to your smoking habit, and keep the promise to yourself. Try and choose a date that is as advantageous as possible, not one that is stressful, when you are going to a social event, or anywhere where you would automatically smoke.

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2. Change what you eat and drink

Some foods are more tobacco-friendly than others. For instance, cheese and fresh fruit and vegetables don’t make tobacco taste better, so you are less likely to want to light up when eating them. Likewise, some drinks, like beer, coffee, and fizzy drinks, improve the taste of tobacco, so give them a miss and try water or fruit juice instead. Try to break the connection between eating, drinking, and tobacco.

3. Keep occupied

Most people smoke when they have downtime so keep yourself busy and your hands and mind occupied. When you feel the craving for a cigarette, take a walk, play a game, or grab a drink (like tea or no-sugar drinks). Don’t allow yourself to switch off and reach for a cigarette. Nicotine replacement therapy can be a real help, so don’t ignore patches, tablets, and the other NRT products – they help thousands to quit every year.

stop smoking bury greater manchester

4. Reach out for support

Outside help and counselling make it far easier to give up smoking. For anyone ready to stop smoking in Bury, Greater Manchester, and surrounding areas, Pimhole Pharmacy can provide that service. The pharmacy is an Accredited Stop Smoking Advisor and can offer support and advice to help you stop smoking not just for Stoptober, but for the rest of your life. We also can supply the full range of NRT products to get you through the transition.

You can find out more here:

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5. Make a list of reasons to quit

Noting down a list of reasons to give up smoking can be a real aid when the urge to smoke hits you. As well as the practical reasons like saving money, smelling better and so on, remember that a longer, healthier life will offer you the chance to enjoy the things that really matter – your family and friends.

Quitting smoking is essential for your long-term and short-term health, and the good news is your body will start to heal the moment you stub out that last cigarette. Smoking not only puts you at risk of terminal disease but can also harm the health of those around you, including children and pets. If you need advice, support, or accountability as you embark on your Stoptober journey, you can find it via the NHS or if you’re local to Bury, we’re here to help.

Let’s stop smoking in Bury, Greater Manchester, together.

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This blog post was written on behalf of Pimhole Pharmacy by Pharmacy Mentor.