Flu Vaccines: Why you Need One & Where to Get it

Flu Vaccines: Why you Need One & Where to Get it

27 / Sep

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We all know that the occasional cold is difficult to avoid, but flu is something we can protect ourselves against. Each flu season (which starts in late summer and covers the winter), the NHS offers a flu vaccine that provides protection from the most prevalent forms of flu that season. In the past, many healthy people would take their chances each flu season and not get a flu jab, but coronavirus has changed things. We are now more aware of the effects that flu can have, and after enjoying a prolonged period of good health thanks to the widespread quarantines, many people are thinking about getting a flu vaccine in Bury this year.

But who is it for, is it necessary, and how do you get it? Read on to find out.

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Why is it important to get a flu jab?

Flu is extremely unpleasant, and can incapacitate even a strong and healthy person for multiple days. Symptoms typically include extreme fatigue, coughing, a blocked or streaming nose, aches and pains, and indigestion (which can include vomiting). A flu vaccine can protect you against getting flu altogether or, at the very least, reduce the symptoms to that of a cold.

It’s also important to consider that other forms of cold and flu are going to be more prevalent this winter, because fewer people have built up an immunity over time due to social distancing. This means that you are more likely to get sick. Getting a vaccine will help protect you and those around you from the strains of flu that will be passed around this winter, and reduce the strain on NHS services.

We also offer free lateral flow testing kits for everyday use to protect those around you from Covid. You can find out more in our previous blog post:

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Who can get a flu vaccine?

Anyone can get a flu vaccine, but you will have to pay for it if you do not meet the criteria below. Don’t worry if you do not qualify for a free vaccine – flu vaccines are affordable and you can easily book an appointment.

You can have a free vaccine if:

– You are 50 or over by 31 March 2022
– You have a health condition
– You are pregnant
– Are in residential care
– Are a primary caregiver for a vulnerable person
– Live with someone who is more likely to get an infection
– Are a social or health care worker

Do I need to get a flu vaccine each year?

Yes, each year scientists identify which flu strains are most likely to be prevalent in the upcoming flu season and create a vaccine, so you need to get the vaccine each year. Similarly, the COVID-19 vaccine will not protect you against seasonal flu strains.

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Where can I get a flu vaccine in Bury?

Whether you qualify for a free vaccine, or are required to pay, you can get a flu vaccine in Bury at Pimhole Pharmacy. All you need to do is call and make an appointment for you and any of your loved ones. (Please note: we are not currently offering children’s vaccines, as these will be administered via the school education system).

Looking to stay healthy this flu season?

You can find out more and book your appointment below!

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