Is Emergency Contraception Safe and Effective?

Is Emergency Contraception Safe and Effective?

17 / Aug

emergency contraception near me in Bury

Within the first five days following unprotected sex, using emergency contraception may help you prevent getting pregnant. There are various emergency contraception options available, and they all work differently. Where can I get emergency contraception near me in Bury? Keep reading to find out.

How does emergency contraception near me work?

Because pregnancy doesn’t happen right away after unprotected sexual intercourse, it is possible to avoid getting pregnant a few days later. However, timing is crucial.

Sperm can stay in your body for up to six days after sex while waiting for an egg to mature. If you ovulate around that time, the sperm can reach your egg and start the pregnancy process. The morning after pill functions by temporarily preventing your ovary from releasing an egg. Depending on the stage in your menstrual cycle and also how soon after unprotected intercourse you take the morning after pill, it can differ in its capacity to prevent pregnancy. Taking morning-after tablets after the body has started ovulating is ineffective.

Therefore timing is quite important, especially if you’re taking a Levonorgestrel morning-after pill. Because ellaOne is timed closer to ovulation unlike the Levonorgestrel morning-after pills, it functions better. The best course of action is to take contraceptive pills as soon as you can because most women don’t know precisely when they ovulate.


Who should get emergency contraception near me?

The emergency pill is accessible to the majority of women. Females who are unable to take the pill or a hormonal method of contraception should take note of this. Girls under the age of 16 are also allowed to use it.

If you have severe asthma, are allergic to any of the ingredients, or are using any medications that might interfere with it, you might not be able to use the emergency contraceptive pill.

If you already take medications that potentially interact with ellaOne, you shouldn’t use it because it might not work as intended. In this case, Levonelle is an option.

Can anyone get the morning after pill?

No, emergency contraception is exclusively available to women. You have to complete a questionnaire to determine your compatibility before making a purchase. You must visit us in person to get emergency contraception.

Are the methods of emergency contraception near me effective?

Emergency contraception shouldn’t be used in place of regularly scheduled contraception, even though they are both as effective. Therefore, it should only be used when necessary. The progestogen tablet’s effectiveness steadily decreases the more time elapses after unprotected sex.

emergency contraception near me in Bury

Where can I get emergency contraception near me in Bury? 

The IUD should only be fitted by a qualified pharmacist, physician, or nurse. The emergency contraceptive pill is available from several different services. The morning after pill is free at the following locations:

– Many pharmacies
– Contraception clinics
– Some GP surgeries
– Most NHS walk-in centres
– Some accident and emergency (A&E) departments
– Some young people’s clinics
– Genitourinary medicine (GUM) or Sexual health clinics

If you are 16 years of age or older, you can purchase the morning after pill in person at our pharmacy.

Can you get emergency contraceptive pills over the counter?

Levonorgestrel morning after pills are available at many pharmacies, including ours.

What should I do if I recently had unprotected sex?

You can use emergency contraception for up to 120 hours following unprotected sex. Therefore, it is advised that you take action fast if you want to have the best chances.


How safe is the morning-after pill?

Morning after pills are considered very safe; for more than 30 years, millions of women have successfully used a variety of emergency contraceptive methods. There have been no reports of serious issues. If you have any questions regarding the long-term effects of taking the morning after pill, you should always consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Side effects of emergency contraception near me

Irregular bleeding is one of the negative effects of contraceptives that are frequently observed. Nausea, menstruation discomfort, headaches and abdominal pain are among other side effects. Also:

– The timing, intensity, or pain of your period may vary, coming earlier or later than you thought.
– Feeling or being ill – Seek immediate medical assistance if you have any sort of illness within two hours after taking Levonelle or three hours after using ellaOne. It may be necessary to get another dose or to implant an IUD.

To get emergency contraception near you in Bury, visit Pimhole Pharmacy today. Get in touch with us to get discreet advice and emergency contraception in-store.

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