Why is it Important to Have the Meningitis ACWY vaccine?

Why is it Important to Have the Meningitis ACWY vaccine?

30 / Mar

Getting meningitis ACWY vaccine in Bury, Greater Manchester

Are you planning to travel abroad this season? It’s important to get the meningitis ACWY vaccine in Bury, Greater Manchester before you go. This will offer protection against life-threatening meningitis and septicemia before travelling.

To prevent themselves from getting these conditions, new students entering university for the first time should also get a MenACWY vaccine. Teenagers enrolled in school Years 9 and 10 are also routinely offered the MenACWY vaccine.

How is meningococcal bacteria spread?

There are 13 different meningococcal bacteria groups that cause meningitis.

There are four main meningococcal groups found in the UK: MenB, MenC, MenW, and MenY. All of them are preventable with vaccination.

In the UK, MenA is very rare, but in other parts of the world, it is more common. You can also prevent MenA by getting vaccinated.

Persons are infected by the bacteria when they have prolonged contact with a carrier, such as kissing, coughing, or sneezing.

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What is the meningitis ACWY vaccine in Bury, Greater Manchester?

MenACWY vaccines are given by injecting them into the arm; they help prevent meningitis and blood poisoning (septicaemia) caused by 4 strains of the meningococcal bacteria (A, C, W and Y).


At what age should young people get the vaccine?

13 to 15-year-olds and teenagers (school years 9 and 10) are routinely given the MenACWY vaccine in school along with the 3-in-1 teenager booster.

The MenACWY vaccine remains available for first-year university students; it’s even available up to the age of 25 if they have yet to receive it. This also includes students who are mature or the ones who are overseas.

Why should travelers & students have the meningitis ACWY vaccine in Bury, Greater Manchester?

As a result of the meningococcal bacteria, septicaemia and meningitis are rare but life-threatening diseases. Travelling abroad for business, vacation, Hajj and Umrah or any other reason can expose you to pathogens that may make you sick. To ensure that you remain protected against these disease-causing pathogens, it’s necessary to get vaccinated. One of these vaccinations is the MenACWY vaccine.

Infection risks are also higher for older teenagers and first year university students. This is because they mix with many new people and some of them unknowingly carry meningococcal bacteria in their noses and throats.

Even if you have previously had the MenC vaccine, anyone eligible for the MenACWY vaccination should receive it.

The MenACWY vaccination provides excellent protection against the 4 types of meningococcal disease, including the highly dangerous MenW strain.



What are the dangers of meningococcal disease?

Septicaemia (blood poisoning) and meningitis can both result from meningococcal disease. As a result of these bacterial infections, sepsis can occur, which can be life-threatening.

Despite its rarity, meningococcal disease can be very serious. It requires immediate hospitalisation.

It can cause amputations, brain damage and hearing loss, all of which can be life-changing.

Initially, the MenACWY vaccination was recommended only for those with a high risk of contracting the meningococcal disease. This includes people who have had their spleen cut off (or it doesn’t work properly), those travelling for Hajj pilgrims, and those going to countries with meningococcal disease prevalence, including parts of Latin America and Africa.

Is the meningitis ACWY vaccine in Bury, Greater Manchester effective?

This vaccine offers you the best possible protection against the four common strains of meningitis. It helps your body to build up immunity in advance of exposure to bacteria that it hasn’t yet come across. This helps you keep safe both at home and abroad, where you may not be as familiar with your surroundings or the healthcare system.

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What are the side effects of the MenACWY vaccine?

Although side effects are possible with any vaccine, MenACWY generally has mild and swift side effects.

Among teens and young people, side effects include redness, hardening, itchiness, a high temperature (above 38 degrees Celsius), nausea, headache, and feeling tired (fatigue). Side effects usually last no longer than 24 hours.

Small, painless lumps may form but usually disappear after a few weeks.

Who shouldn’t get the MenACWY vaccine?

MenACWY should not be given to anyone who is allergic to its ingredients or to any of the vaccine’s components.

Additionally, you should consult your pharmacist or doctor before receiving the MenACWY vaccine if you:

– Have a bleeding problem, like bruise easily or haemophilia
– Have temperatures that are high
– Are pregnant or breastfeeding

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