Care Home Services

Pimhole Pharmacy offers a range of care home services including dosette boxes/monitored dosage systems and supporting an eMAR solution:

Care Home Monitored Dosage System Service

The dosette box/weekly blister pack systems allow for a carer or patient to see which medications need to be taken and when. It also allows to quickly identify if meds have been missed or too many have been taken. Overall, it’s a good system for individuals who struggle to take their medicines on time due to their conditions or circumstance and people with duties of care.

As a pharmacy team, we understand how important it is to take medicine on time and not miss any doses. And this is why we can help organise weekly pill trays for care homes who require them. The pharmacy will put a residents medication in a weekly dosette box/blister pack which is easy to follow. This makes it easier for carers to ensure that a resident sticks to their medication schedule meaning you can manage their conditions better.

The system allows for better compliance and safe administration of medicines.

Many of the older population use this system to help manage complex medicine regimes. So, for care homes, this is an important tool that enhances medicine adherence and helps residents manage their medicine effectively. This will also help prevent medicine wastage and overdose in some patients.

Please note: not all medications are suitable for dosette boxes but the pharmacist will be able to answer your queries.

Care Home eMAR Service

What is eMAR?

eMAR is the electronic version of the Medications Administration Records. Care homes carry a large amount of admin burden regarding the safe and proper management of their resident’s medications. eMAR helps to speed up this process and reduce the admin workload.

How can eMAR help your care home?

There are several reasons to use eMAR with both the resident and the care home benefiting from the system.

Firstly, eMAR helps improve medications safety for the resident by reducing errors.

Secondly, eMAR enables automation of medication management for the entire care home. This means this important admin takes less time and reduces the workload for the staff involved.

The care home management also benefits from a real-time overview of meds admin. Plus the data is ready for period-end reporting.

Overall, care home eMAR is safe, simple and compliant for all parties.

The eMAR system uses tablets or mobile devices and barcodes for each resident plus the barcodes on the original meds packaging. This way, the correct patient and medication are quickly identified meaning the right medicine with the correct dosage for the right resident. No more tricky meds names (or residents with names that are too similar).

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