Medicines Use Review (MUR)

If you take multiple regular medications, our free medicines use review (MUR) service may be of interest to you.

Would you like to understand more about your regular medicines and how they are helping you? Do you worry about the medicines you are taking? Perhaps you would like to share some concerns about how they make you feel or find out whether there are other ways you can take them.

We can offer you a free review of your medicines. Our pharmacist will arrange it at a time to suit you and it will last about 15 minutes.

Our pharmacist will only know about the medicines that you collect from them. So, you will need to tell them about any other medicines you take, as well as any complementary medicines, or regular vitamin or mineral supplements.

We do not have access to your medical history, so our pharmacist will need to ask you some questions about yourself, just to help us advise you more accurately. Then, at the end of the meeting, we will prepare an ‘action plan’ – noting down the things that have been jointly agreed.

A medicines use review is confidential

We know how important privacy and confidentiality is so your medicines use review will take place in our private consultation room. You and your GP will receive a record of the action plan – so that your medical notes can be kept up to date.

Contact Pimhole Pharmacy today to arrange your free review.