Community Dosage Systems

When you are managing multiple conditions, trying to stay on top of which meds to take when can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer the community dosage system service from our pharmacy to cater to special needs.

Community dosage systems is a service for those patients who can’t remember to take their medications. Or for those who struggle to take their medicines on time due to their conditions or circumstance.

As a pharmacy team, we understand how important it is to take medicine on time and not miss any doses. And this is why we can help organise weekly pill trays for those who require them. The pharmacy will put your medication in a weekly pack which is easy to follow. This helps you stick to your medication schedule meaning you can manage your conditions better.

The system allows for better compliance and safe administration of medicines.

Many of the older population use this system to help manage complex medicine regimes. So, this is an important tool that enhances medicine adherence and helps patients manage their medicine effectively. This will also help prevent medicine wastage and overdose in some patients.

We also offer medications in easy-to-open bottles.

The pharmacy will assess your eligibility for this service with you or your carer and the prescriber in some cases. Please speak to a member of staff about if you are interested in this service.

Monitored Dosage Systems for Care Homes

Pimhole Pharmacy also offers a monitored dosage system for care homes residents. Plus we work with an eMAR solution for the safe administration of medications in care homes. You can read more about our pharmacy care home services here.