Health Checks

Pimhole Pharmacy offers a range of health checks from our store on Rochdale Road. Together, these simple tests will give you an overview of your current state of health and where any improvements could be made.

What health checks do we offer?

All health checks are done by our qualified pharmacists and in our private treatment room.

Cholesterol Testing

Cholesterol is a fatty substance that circulates in your bloodstream. Whilst, cholesterol is essential for your body’s proper functioning, too much cholesterol can affect your risk of developing other conditions.

High levels of cholesterol increase your risk of heart disease and stroke. You’re at higher risk of having high cholesterol if you are overweight or obese, smoke or lead an inactive lifestyle. But we don’t know if we have high cholesterol because there are no symptoms. Only a health check blood test can determine cholesterol levels.

In our pharmacy, your cholesterol test will likely be a finger-prick blood test where your results will be available almost immediately.

Blood Pressure Test

High blood pressure is a risk factor for developing several serious conditions, such as heart disease or stroke. But with so few symptoms, most of us will have no idea if we have high blood pressure unless we have a test.

Having a BP test is quick and non-invasive. The consulting pharmacist will wrap a special sleeve around your upper arm and fasten with velcro. Then the machine will whirr and inflate the sleeve to measure your blood pressure.

Blood Glucose Levels

Blood glucose, or blood sugar, levels are an important measure when diagnosing diabetes. The hormone insulin helps to reduce blood sugar levels. However, obesity, inactivity plus a diet high in sugar and processed foods continually puts pressure on insulin production and effectiveness that may eventually lead to Type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes puts a huge strain on the NHS also, with 10% of the NHS’s total budget being spent on treating diabetes alone. Yet, diabetes is preventable and knowing your blood glucose levels will help to reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

To test your blood sugar levels, we use a finger-prick blood test that will give you immediate results.


We all know that being overweight can have a negative impact on our health. Obesity puts a strain on your heart, your joints and increases your risk of developing cancer, diabetes and stroke.

Body Mass Index (BMI) is one measure that can indicate a healthy weight. A healthy BMI score is around 20 to 25. Anything above 25 suggests you are overweight. However, BMI does not take into account fitness levels, age, gender or how different our bodies can be. So, BMI is best used with other health indicators such as activity levels or waist circumference.

If you are overweight and would like help in dropping those extra pounds, we also offer an in-store weight loss service.

Health Checks with Pimhole Pharmacy

Our simple health checks will give you a good idea of your overall health. At your appointment, your pharmacist will talk you through your results and what they mean. Understanding your activity levels and diet will also help the pharmacist make recommendations for lifestyle changes that may help improve your test results.

Please contact us at the pharmacy if you are interested in our health checks service.